Well, here we are again ! A virtual lockdown to retail yet supermarkets etc can still sell non food items, a bit harsh on complying small retail outlets, but no option but to comply especially with the escalation of the virus as we do not want London levels to come to this area!.

We will now be closed until things go back to tier 3, but we are still online for mail order, or local delivery. All we ask is a minimum order of £25 for local drop off. We plan to be available perhaps every 10 days as long as restrictions allow as we will be checking up on premises for security regularly but trying to avoid unnecessary travel. We are trying to avoid a set day so will respond to each order. In many cases to save unnecessary movement of people we are happy to drop off orders locally, especially if there is a safe place. If there is something urgent, please contact us first to check out position.Mail order will be subject to Post Office service being accessible.

We will always handle goods and packaging with sanitized hands as we value our own health as well

We will advise on blog and social media as and when things relax, hopefully not too far in the future.

Mail Order

We can still do mail order subject to post offices remaining open, our local one is now shut so any packing and post is likely to be a bit irregular until things become safer. We are trying to avoid unnecessary travel at present.

We are loading some greeting cards on the site, they will be post free as they can go through any letter box. Am loading some V & A, some amusing ones and some foiled trees. Several are 1 offs.

Etsy Shop

Sheila now has an Etsy shop started as printspacedundee, it will feature prints not always in the gallery, concentrating on lower priced A3 unframed digital artwork as well as some inexpensive gifts which can be easily posted. Look it up, more stock will be added regularly.

Book Publishing

Sheila has set up a seperate publishing venture, called No 13 Press. Her first book, triangle is now on the website at £25. It has photography, printmaking and drawings, all depicting the theme "triangle" and how they are found in all walks of life. It is A5 format and contains 62 images, an ideal gift. It will be presented in a box with an archival print of an image from the book.

We also have a range of photozines produced in our studio , Sheila has Polaroid Trees, and 2 Random Colour Urban Images and Alan has some of his pinhole camera images, Sea & Shore, Rocks and Dungeness. All at affordable prices. Now online

Local Delivery

With our click and collect in person facility, we are happy to offer delivery in the Newport, Wormit and Tayport areas at no extra cost. This may be of help to those who are not able to call in person.All we ask is that orders are £25 or more There may be delays to avoid unnecessary travel. . All we ask is clear route details and a safe place to leave goods if nobody is in. The gallery is a Covid safe environment and any goods we deliver will be handled by sanitised hands, we appreciate some people are apprehensive about going out and about so we are willing to assist where possible.These orders would have to be placed via our website, choosing collect in person option at checkout and messaging in instruction box if you require delivery.

We would contact re dates, especially in the light of lockdown and any changes in Covid restrictions