Welcome to printspace dundee

Welcome to our gallery, printspace dundee at Gallery 13, based at 13 High Street, Newport on Tay, DD68AB, just across the Tay from the evolving city of Dundee. We are an independent part time business, located beside several owner run businesses in Newport, an attractive small town looking North to Dundee with its distinctive skyline, dominated by Dundee Law Hill, Cox`s Stack and lower down, the acclaimed V & A Design Museum, RRS Discovery, all framed between the Tay road and rail bridges. 

We have parking available, often right outside or very close by, there are cafes, the acclaimed Kitschenbake, the Manna House and Jamie Scott`s Newport Restaurant. There are also several local shops for all needs.

Our Gallery is concentrating on quality Photography and Printmaking, so often not featured by major galleries so we hope to find a niche market here. Most work is in low editions as well as monoprints and there is a selection of framed and unframed work. We also carry hand made books, one of our guest artists has had her work in many major collections. There is a range of greeting cards, many hand made by artists, some calendars by local photographers, and we carry a small range of Scottish made jewellery and some other gift lines.

Please see our about page for more information, and follow our blog for up to date information.